Tennis coaching for teens beginner

Why start tennis coaching for teens beginner?

Tennis is a sport that can be played for leisure, but can also be the subject of intensive training to prepare for official competitions. In any case, it seems important to put all the chances on one’s side right from the start, by joining a complex providing its members with state-of-the-art sports facilities. This is the case of the Mouratoglou Academy, located along the French Riviera, which offers a complete coaching programme for beginner teenage tennis. We also adapt to everyone’s availabilities: teens tennis coaches are offered in half-day on Wednesday or full-day on Saturday. Each new academician between the ages of 8 and 18 who wishes to join our prestigious centre must therefore meet very strict admission requirements. This way, each young person has the best chances of success and access to a tennis coaching programme for beginner teenagers as supervised as possible. The Mouratoglou Academy accepts young beginners as well as experienced players who wish to develop their game with a view to participating in official competitions. If your teenager wants to progress faster in tennis, we also offer coaching during the holidays, over a week, or on weekends and every night. From there, each player is individually evaluated on the basis of several training sessions. Tennis coaching for beginner teenagers thus reveals the strengths of each individual, as well as their degree of motivation in the face of the event.

How to choose your tennis coach?

When choosing your coach, it’s important to choose the right structure from the outset: to get the best chances of success in life and on the court, it’s best to have access to the infrastructure of a major international club from the outset. Thanks to the Mouratoglou Academy and our coaching programme for beginner teenagers in tennis, every youngster has equal opportunities regardless of his or her origins and initial career path. This is thanks to an intensive programme combining both academic and sports training at a high level. We provide the future elite with a strict framework of individual coaching, which allows the teenagers to make significant progress and increase their performance on the court. The Mouratoglou methodology has long proven itself and has the support of several great international champions such as Serena Williams. Try the adventure now and join the Mouratoglou Academy, where you can start your tennis coaching sessions for beginner teenagers over the weekend or during the summer months.

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