Why start tennis coaching for competitive teenagers?

Tennis coaching for competitive teenagers is designed for young people of high level who wish to train intensively, with coaches who will be able to analyse their game and improve all aspects of it. To do so, they combine physical and mental preparation with personalized training sessions whose aim is to enable each player to improve his or her strong points and work on their weak points. Participants in tennis coaching for competitive teenagers can also compete against experienced opponents to evaluate their progress in official competitions. For example, we offer coaching sessions on Wednesdays for teenagers who want to confirm their interest in tennis. Outside of school time, coaching sessions are also offered on Saturdays for teenagers in competition. They are accompanied throughout the training sessions by a coach with recognized expertise and great adaptability. His or her role is indeed to quickly understand the way the young player functions in order to be able to find the right way to communicate with them. By choosing the Mouratoglou Academy to benefit from coaching, you will benefit from more top-of-the-range structures and a most pleasant environment.

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How to choose your tennis coach?

The quality of a tennis coaching for competitive teenagers depends mainly on the coach who will take the young player in hand. Many people think that a good coach should be a very good player. However this is not always the case. A good coach is indeed the one who will be able to put themself in the place of the player and transmit their knowledge to them whatever their level. He or she will also have other qualities such as the ability to listen and communicate and the energy necessary to pep the players in all circumstances. Your tennis coaching for competitive teenagers must include physical exercises and matches that will allow you to move quickly on the court, optimize your forehand and backhand drive, etc. During a week-long coaching session, coaches are focused on making you a better tennis player. But for this to be effective, your coach must accompany you in an individualized way and constantly adapt their training programme to the evolution of your game. That’s why, at the Mouratoglou Academy, coaches are carefully selected, not for their track record, but for their ability to transmit their passion and to get inside the player’s head to find the best way to get their message across.

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