Tennis coaching for teens beginner on wednesdays

Why start tennis coaching for beginner teenagers on Wednesdays ?

Intensive courses for teenagers can take place throughout the year, depending on the motivation and availability of each person. However, for practical reasons and depending on schedules, it may be advisable to wait until the school holidays or weekends. Other periods of the week are ideal to start tennis coaching sessions, though. Wednesday is generally a day dedicated to the practice of sports or of an educational activity for the younger ones. Depending on the municipalities and the organization of the youngsters’ working hours, you can offer them quality extracurricular Wednesdays, notably through the Mouratoglou Academy. The Mouratoglou Academy is the number one tennis academy in Europe and has been developing a philosophy that has proved its worth for more than 20 years. If this first approach of a tennis coaching for beginner teenagers on Wednesdays is conclusive, you can consider an intensive training course during the summer, either by living on site or out.


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How to choose your tennis coach ?

Each player has his or her own personality, their sensitivity requiring individualized training. Through a tennis coaching for beginner teenagers on Wednesdays, the future champions must have access to a particular methodology, pushing them towards success by taking into account the personality and inner world of each player as much as possible. This is why the Mouratoglou Academy puts the emphasis on individualized coaching, with close coaching. Thus, a tennis coaching for beginner teenagers on Wednesdays should be the assurance for the youngest to access a flexible programme, taking into account the smallest detail likely to make the difference. The objective of a personalized training programme is to make the right decisions to allow a budding youngster to discover an interest in competition. Within the Mouratoglou Academy & Resort complex, we put at the disposal of future champions 26 coaches, 8 physical trainers and 2 mental trainers: all professionals at the service of a common passion. If your teenager is rather attracted by physical activities and individual disciplines, try tennis coaching for beginner teenagers on Wednesdays and discover the method imagined by Patrick Mouratoglou, considered as the most influential coach in world tennis.

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