Tennis & School: a dual program

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A dual high-level sport and study programme focused on performance and success

The training programme designed for our students-athletes is very intensive. We leave nothing to chance.

Based on the same intensity as for our Elite Team, made up of professional tennis players, our students’ schedule includes 4 to 4and and a 1/2 hours of daily training: one long session of 2h30 or 2 sessions of 1h30 of tennis per day + 1 and a 1/2 hours of muscle strengthening.  We set equally high standards for our students and professional athletes. This allows us to maximise the personalised training we provide to our Academy members, which is one of our key success factors.

In addition to these hours of weekly training, each student has a package of 18 hours of individual lessons per year that they can use at their convenience and divide up as needed between tennis lessons, private fitness coaching and mental preparation sessions.


Tennis training

Three hours per day are dedicated to specific tennis training. They are divided up into two 90-minute sessions split into groups of 4 players of a similar level. Sports preparation includes the schedule of weekly matches, which take place every Saturday. Private lessons are available to players in need who have completed their 18 hours per year.

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Physical training

To be able to progress and optimise their technique, players need to be physically fit. To that end, 90 minutes of physical training per day are devoted to conditioning exercises to develop their fitness, which will be evaluated four times during the school year. Individual physical training in addition of the 4 to 4h30 per day, is optional and we also offer a yoga option.

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Mental preparation

Every player is unique, with their own strengths, weaknesses, background and emotions. We believe it is essential that the physical and technical progress of players be accompanied by suitable mental preparation. In addition to studying tennis, technique and tactics, students take part in mental coaching workshops throughout the school year that provide them with the tools needed for their development. They can also choose to attend individual mental coaching sessions.


Just like the training we offer, the healthcare we provide to our athletes is designed to be comprehensive and personalised. Our multidisciplinary health & fitness facilities give us the tools we need to prepare our students for high-level requirements. At the end of each training day, a protocol dedicated to recovery is set up.

Depending on the training period, each player’s needs may vary and our medical supervision adapts to these needs. Specific recovery protocols are established, taking advantage of our exceptional facilities: cold baths, hot baths, indoor pool, weightlifting area and fitness centre, for rehabilitation following an injury. Our team of physiotherapists, osteopaths and a sports physician uses its extensive expertise to support our players’ performance.

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Living at the Academy

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Mouratoglou Philosophy

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Admission to our tennis program requires mandatory selection tests.

It depends on a number of factors including motivation, general attitude, tennis level and academic level.

To get to know you better, we invite you to spend a week at the Academy as a visiting student. You will be in total immersion with our other academicians.

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