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Reasons Why You Should Attend A Tennis Camp in 2020

According to a report released in 2019 by the Tennis Industry Association (TIA), there are about 1.2 billion tennis players in the world. About 271 million of those players are kids and teens. This level of activeness and dedication by the youth guarantees great contribution to the future of tennis, not to mention the individual success and high school milestones the youth tennis players will achieve. Therefore, booking a tennis camp over the holiday remains an important activity aimed at improving your tennis skills. So, if you are a tennis enthusiast, a child, a teen, or an adult, join other competent players and get trained by professional coaches by booking our tennis holiday camp.

You Get To Learn A Lot

Though an obvious reason, learning remains the first and the most important reason to go to a tennis training camp. Tennis camps have proven to be the best places for learning and skill advancement. Here, at Mouratoglou Academy camp we have effective programs that are designed to teach you all the tennis fundamentals both at the starting level and professional level. You will learn how to serve, to volley, and to hit. Other basics that you we teach include doing a backhand pass, playing doubles and singles, keeping scores, and mastering the rules of the game.

Experience A Personalised Approach

Nothing defines an excellent camping than one that gives personalised approach, customised follow up, and devoted attention to players. At Mouratoglou Academy, we fast track your tennis game and monitor your fitness levels through our personalised coaching programs to suit individual player’s needs. This enables players to maximise their potential across all levels of competition be it social, high school, college, or professional levels.



Remarkable Reasons Why You Should Attend A Tennis Camp 2020

Improving Your Skills

Camps help even the most experienced professionals to learn something new at their personal game. Given the consistent training and drills you will be doing at Mouratoglou Academy, you can only get better at advancing your game play. First, we identify what skills you have and then device a personalised approach and customised programs to help you better your skills. Also, trainers will be able to spot that one thing that you need to perfect on to ace your game.

Physical Fitness and Resilience

Tennis camps expose trainees to extracurricular applications and physical activities aimed at keeping you physically fit. We expose players to intensive levels of exercise that player to ensure they leave the camp in better shape than they came. Being physically fit and developing resilience is never an option at Mouratoglou. Also, camps train players of all age how to deal with both victory and loss. They learn to concentrate for long periods, control their emotions, and wait for their winning shots patiently.

You Will Meet Mentors

Being an incredible player at the camp does not mean you know everything. We invite great players and professional coaches to share their experiences and give valuable tips during your camping period. Be sure to learn a lot of advanced skills from our guest players and coaches.

The ability to interact with such players gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get guided through any concerns that you might have. For instance, one of the instructors may be a college player who will give you some advice on how to handle college studies while still maintaining a good play to attract scouts.

Good Sportsmanship and Ethics

Camps are always the best way to train kids and the youth on how to be a better sportsman and what it entails. We train our players to know when to step back, when to hold their surging anger, and how to play by the rules. Our camp teaches you how to embrace defeats and how to adhere by the ethical codes of the court.

Perfect Way to Create Connections

When you train at a camp, you get to meet well-respected coaches and instructors who have considerable influence in the sport. How will that benefit you? Well, not only will you have the opportunity to display your excellent skills, but also have a chance to be picked up to play for clubs, colleges, and receive tailored mentorship to become a professional tennis player.

Time Management Skills

Tennis camps operate on a daily routine that players have to adhere to. This helps players to stay organised all the time and make their plans without interfering with the scheduled activities. Time management is an important factor that extends outside to real-world life.

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You Will Meet and Make Friends

When camping, players meet, spend, and share a lot of time with people of their age. This is the best opportunity to make new friends. The chances of making beneficial friends get higher when you enroll for a special interest camp, like Mouratoglou Academy, where you meet with people of the same interest. This is always the perfect chance for you to meet your perfect doubles partner.

You Will Have Lots of Fun

Even for those kids and teens that aren’t sure if tennis is their ultimate talent, they always attend our camps just to experience the fun. There is a lot of fun! And Mouratoglou knows just how to accompany hard work of training with fun. We mix learning with fun activities to make your moments unforgettable.

Who Should Go To Tennis Camp

Tennis is always an open sport that anyone with the will and physical strength to push through can participate. Generally, our tennis camps are open for kids from age 6 and above, teens, and adults.

Junior Camps

This is our beginners’ level. Junior camp accepts kids from 10 years and above. Teens fall under this category. Junior camps include six days of basic training and working on fundamentals for six hours per day.

Adult Camps

Adult camping is a lot more flexible than junior camps. Adults have the opportunity of deciding whether to participate for a week, a weekend, a day, or half-day. Adult camps are kept flexible to accommodate people of all profiles who aim at improving their tennis skills and physical fitness.


Through our “Tennis and School Programme”, we offer students with competitive academic and sports tuition year-round. This allows students to experience integrated tennis training with the school curriculum. Students can engage in intensive training and participate in tournaments year-round while still learning in the normal school curriculum.

High-level Players

Mouratoglou Academy creates a training programme for high-level players who wish to engage in more intensive training. We assign such players handpicked coaches to help them maximise their potential.

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