Tennis coaching for teens beginner during the week

Practicing tennis is not reserved to players who started playing at an early age. Beginners can also find a training that is right for them, especially teens who are looking for a sport that is fun to play. It can be interesting to sign up for a one week teens tennis training during the school holidays. This way, teens can play tennis with peace of mind and progress at their own pace while not having the constraints of school work.

Why enroll in a teens tennis coaching program for beginners during the week ?

 It is not always easy to start playing tennis during the school year for a novice player.

It is a demanding sport that can take up a lot of the time that is normally dedicated to their studies and to other activities. By choosing to enroll in a one week training during the holidays, the young players will be able to progress in a short period of time. Our one week teen tennis training for beginners will allow them to follow an adapted training from Monday to Friday, in small groups sessions.

Located in Nice, The Mouratoglou Academy offers a one week training program with personalized lessons for beginners. This way, teens can discover the basics of tennis in a week, during the summer holidays, for example, in an exceptional setting in the French Riviera, at the heart of one of Europe’s leading tennis Academies which counts with more than 30 courts. Training at fixed times for a week, the perfect formula to learn the basics of tennis, to discover the right gestures and progress while having fun at the same time.


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How to choose the right tennis coach ?

Unlike what most people think, coaching beginners is not easy. On the contrary, only very good coaches can instil the reactions that young players should have. The Mouratoglou academy counts with experienced educators who have the skills to help teens become familiar with the gestures of tennis.

The academy is a place of excellence where teens of all levels can have fun. Patrick Mouratoglou, an internationally renowned coach, has surrounded himself with great professionals in order to offer young players an ideal learning experience during a week of tennis training for beginners where sport will be the priority.

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