Tennis coaching for teens beginner saturday

As the first day of the weekend, Saturday is the ideal day to relieve the tensions of the week and give your best. Teenagers prefer tennis because it is a sport that develops muscles and requires both technical skill and physical fitness.

Personalized and addictive, the tennis coaching for beginner teenagers on Saturdays guarantees a perfect control of the racket in a few weeks and hours of fun on the courts.

Why start tennis coaching for beginner teenagers on Saturdays ?

From the age of 11, tennis coaching for beginner teenagers on Saturdays allows you to progress in a pleasant environment, supervised by experienced state-qualified trainers who are passionate about their profession. Everyone learns at their own pace and according to their physical capacities. All training is shaped in the image of the student, respecting his or her objectives and physiological needs. The coaches are also there to encourage and teach true sporting values. Tennis coaching for beginner teenagers on Saturdays therefore takes a quality pedagogical programme and adapts it to teens and young adults alike.

Tennis is a sport that favours autonomy and initiative, but also a friendly team sport. It is also a way of proving one’s courage and determination. Teenagers can be enrolled in individual or group lessons.


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What are the criteria for choosing your tennis coach ?

Tennis coaching for beginner teenagers on Saturdays requires patience, pedagogy, diplomacy and a different approach for each student. The qualities of the coach will help the teenager to get more involved, to progress to participate quickly in tournaments. If he or she wishes, the youngster will quickly climb the ladder to go from unranked player to fourth division player (quatrième série). In certain renowned tennis complexes such as the Mouratoglou Academy & Resort, the coach transmits values and proven know-how. The No. 1 tennis academy in Europe, this temple of tennis was founded by Patrick Mouratoglou: the most influential coach in the world, having coached the greatest for the most renowned international tournaments. Mouratoglou’s coaching methodology is based on individualized coaching of each player. This tennis coaching for beginner teenagers on Saturdays aims for excellence: the method has been proven for more than 20 years already.

The setting of Mouratoglou Academy & Resort is also heavenly. The luxurious infrastructure allows you to train, indoors or outdoors, with top-of-the-range equipment.

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