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Mouratoglou's International Expansion

Mouratoglou Tennis Centers

Mouratoglou has been shining internationally, thanks to the success of the Mouratoglou Academy in the South of France. Since the end of 2020, it extended its personalized offer across borders.

While the Mouratoglou Academy in Sophia-Antipolis turns tennis potentials into successful professional players, its Tennis Centers, in partnership with the world’s greatest luxury hotels, will offer programs geared towards the local clientele and international guests who would like to benefit from the essence of the Mouratoglou Methodology as well.


Mouratoglou's Tennis Center at Jumeirah, Dubai

A premium training environment

On December 15th 2020, Mouratoglou has inaugurated its first Mouratoglou Tennis Center, in collaboration with the Jumeirah Group in Dubai.

With 11 hard courts spread across two of Dubai’s most presitigious hotels, the Jumeirah Beach and the Jumeirah Madinat, the Mouratoglou Tennis Center Jumeirah offers a premium training environment for players of all ages and levels, including some of the world’s best tennis players, who chose the center as a training base between tournaments.

All of the Mouratoglou Tennis Center Jumeirah coaches have been trained with the same Mouratoglou Methodology applied at the Mouratoglou Academy in France, and are some of the best coaches in the region. The center offers a variety of programs, including private lessons, group lessons, camps, and social activities.

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Upcoming projects

Stay Tuned

The Mouratoglou Tennis Center at Jumeirah in Dubai is the first of many international projects to come. Mouratoglou has a number of promising upcoming projects, some of which will open to the public as early as the first half of 2021.Stay tuned to follow our global expansion and discover our next tennis paradises.

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