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High-level training is a key part of the Academy’s identity. Our Training Centre programme gives each player the chance to enjoy unrivalled expertise and knowledge with a programme tailored to your needs.

We are experts in the professional circuit and bespoke training schedules. The Mouratoglou Academy ‘training centre’ programme is designed for high-level players aged 16 and over and focuses on intensive training. Our coaches are hand-picked and aim to maximise your potential and guide you along the path to success.

Tennis training centre: everything that you always wanted to know

Tennis is a sport that can be practiced for leisure, but it is also a discipline that can be learned at a high-level training center. Whether you are a professional trainer or a young athlete, find out more about the Mouratoglou Academy, a privileged site with an international outlook.

What is a tennis training centre?

Generally speaking, training centers are intended to train future elite players in a particular sport. In order to do this, young athletes have access to the essential facilities necessary to practice this sport in competition. A high-level tennis training center is normally open to the outside world, regularly organizing tournaments, while keeping a connection with the pre professional and professional world. Most of these establishments are richly equipped with latest generation equipment and have plenty of additional services to enable each future professional player achieve their goals. That is the case of the Mouratoglou Academy, considered a pillar of the competitiveness of French tennis. This tennis training centre welcomes high-level players and trainers.

Among the facilities available in a tennis training center, we can find for example indoor courts, a boarding school, a medical center, even a hotel and a recreational center. The future high level athletes also have the possibility of joining a French or an international school, present on campus. In fact, cultural enrichment and the learning of foreign languages are encouraged.

Other centers specializing in the discovery of promising athletes own their reputation to a single prestigious name: that is the case of the Mouratoglou Academy located in Biot, a French commune, in the Alpes-Maritimes. A great complex in the heart of the French Riviera, the Mouratoglou Academy combines high quality sports facilities with the comfort and the prestige of an authentic 4-star hotel. Inaugurated in 2016 in the presence of Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams, The Mouratoglou Academy currently counts with more than 12 professionals. Among them: coaches and physical trainers. Every year, the center welcomes more than 145 students between the ages of 8 to 18, who are subjected to strict admission conditions.

Patrick Mouratoglou, founder of the Academy that shares the same name, built his entire career around tennis and obtained several prestigious achievements, which demonstrates the quality and the seriousness of his commitment to excellence. After a career spent alongside several high level players, Patrick Mouratoglou became the official coach of Serena Williams, who doesn’t even need a presentation. The “Dynamic Duo ” as they are known today stand out for its actions in favor of high level tennis over the past 7 years and for contributing to write some of the most beautiful pages in the history of world tennis. Today the “coach” has become an icon in the international world, and continues his quest for new talents.

For young athletes searching for high-level training, the Mouratoglou Academy tennis training centre, offers an adapted school curriculum. Our tennis-study programme aims for excellence at an academical and sportive level and tries to determine the motivations and the state of mind of the individual. Once the training is completed the student could continue his advanced studies internationally. Prestigious American universities offer scholarships to the most ambitious students.

Tailored programmes

We use the training centre to create tailored programmes for each player, allowing them to push their limits and prepare for the demands of the pro circuit. Accommodation is available for players at the Academy, but distance learning will be required.

Training schedule

• Monday to Friday

• 4 hrs of tennis per day – 2 group training sessions of 1h30 and a one to one session of 1h 

• 1 hr 30 mins of fitness per day

• Wednesday afternoon dedicated to the recovery process

• Tournament planning: scheduling and player/coach/parent consultations

• International tournaments possible, in accordance with the player’s level

• Medical follow-up: physio/general medecine

• Yoga

How to choose a tennis training centre ?

As we have mentioned before, in order to join a training center specializing in teaching how to play tennis at a high level, you need to have a specific professional project. You will be joining an “academy” where you will share your time between your education and your sporting practice. Depending on the objectives that you have set yourself, you will be recommended to give a different approach to one discipline or  the other. First of all, do not forget that your training is likely to take place all year long. You will therefore need to join a center that will offer access to several courts with different surfaces- clay and hard courts for example. Ideally, some of these courts have to be indoor courts so that you can train during the winter. This is the case of The Mouratoglou Academy which counts 35 clay and hard tennis courts, including 8 indoor courts for its young athletes.

An important criterion that you should take into account when choosing the right training center: Is the international scope of the training. In fact, if your main goal is to make a career as a high level tennis player, you will need to join from the beginning an entity that will have the experience and skills necessary for your development and for the achievement of your goals. By joining the Mouratoglou Center, you will have individual training sessions with the best players in the world. In addition to that, you will learn alongside students from different parts of the world: Another reason to improve your language skills!

Another important detail, when searching for a high level academy: is the kind of facilities and services they offer. The Mouratoglou Academy, open to the world and close to its members, strives to make your stay an immersive, unique and privileged experience. You will find many areas in the academy dedicated to the practice of sport, but also to your well being- pool, fitness room, spa and restaurants at the heart of the campus. Located in Sophia-Antipolis on the French Riviera between the cities of Nice and Cannes, the center has a privileged geographical position, close to a beautiful and touristic region with good weather 320 days a year! Many trips are organized as part of the tennis-study program, allowing the students to discover the French culture. For example, the Seaside Resort of Antibes is only 15 minutes from the Academy, this resort is known for its yacht marina.


Teens Tennis Training Centre

Teens Tennis Training Centre


Adults Tennis Training Centre

Adults Tennis Training Centre


• Intensive language courses

• SAT & TOEFL preparation