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High-level training is a key part of the Academy’s identity. Our Training Centre programme gives each player the chance to enjoy unrivalled expertise and knowledge with a programme tailored to your needs.


We are experts in the professional circuit and bespoke training schedules. The Mouratoglou Academy ‘training centre’ programme is designed for high-level players aged 16 and over and focuses on intensive training. Our coaches are hand-picked and aim to maximise your potential and guide you along the path to success.


Bespoke programme

We use the training centre to create tailored programmes for each player, allowing them to push their limits and prepare for the demands of the pro circuit. Accommodation is available for players at the Academy, but distance learning will be required.


• Monday to Friday

• 4 hrs of tennis per day – 2 group training sessions of 1h30 and a one to one session of 1h 

• 1 hr 30 mins of fitness per day

• Wednesday afternoon dedicated to the recovery process

• Tournament planning: scheduling and player/coach/parent consultations

• International tournaments possible, in accordance with the player’s level

• Medical follow-up: physio/general medecine

• Yoga


• Intensive language courses

• SAT & TOEFL preparation