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The American academic system offers internationally recognized degrees, including the MBA (Master Degree of Business Administration), which is the most renowned.

A word from the manager

When I was 18, I decided to try and turn professional for one year. After this transition year, I realised that I wanted to balance tennis and studies better. After two years at the Montpellier university, it became clear for me that in order to combine a high level of studies with a high level of tennis, I had to leave for the United States, and it became one of the greatest experiences of my life. I joined the University of South Florida in 2011. I first graduated with a Bachelor in Management, then with a Master in Business Administration. I’m extremely grateful for this experience. It allows you to meet people from different cultures, but also to learn how to work in teams, something that is much valued in the United States. Traveling throughout the United States, across major States such as California, Florida, New York, Chicago or Washington, is extraordinary of the experience. My role is not only to find a university for each student athlete, but to find the right university according to every individual profile. Furthermore I also assist them throughout the whole process in light of their personal profiles.

Fanny Fracassi US College Placement Manager

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