Tennis coaching for teens beginner on weekends, between pleasure and performance

The Mouratoglou Academy is an exceptional complex dedicated to the practice of tennis. In particular, we offer tennis coaching sessions for beginner teenagers on weekends in order to quickly acquire the fundamentals of this sport and to progress more quickly.

Why start tennis coaching for beginner teenagers on weekends ?

Is your teenager just starting out in tennis and wants to progress quickly? To achieve this, nothing better than our tennis coaching sessions for beginner teenagers on weekends at the Mouratoglou Academy. Supervised by our professional and certified coaches, youngsters will have the opportunity to learn the many fundamentals of the game, from strokes to moving around the court and tactics. Indeed, learning the basic movements and understanding of tennis is essential to progress effectively.

Naturally, physical preparation is an integral part of our weekend tennis coaching sessions for beginner teenagers. Indeed, in tennis, the efforts required are different from those required in sports such as football or handball. Each player must therefore be able to repeat short but intense efforts over time, based on rapid lateral movements and sudden changes of direction.

Our tennis coaching sessions for beginner teenagers on weekends are therefore the ideal place to perfect your game and develop as an athlete.



How to choose a tennis coach to progress ?

For a teenager starting to play tennis, the choice of coach is fundamental. The coach must be competent enough to allow the youngster to progress at his or her own pace through a personalized training programme. Each tennis player has their own aptitudes, which must be developed effectively, while working on the other more fragile aspects of the game.

During our tennis coaching sessions for beginner teenagers on weekends, our coaches put all their know-how and experience at the disposal of the trainees. Through individualized technical instruction, they will be able to learn the basics of tennis and develop their game quickly over the course of the weeks.

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