Tennis camp adult competition-level

Do you like pushing your limits when it comes to tennis? The Mouratoglou Academy welcomes you into the world of tennis professionals. Come and strengthen your skills where the best tennis players train!


Why take part in a competition-level adult tennis camp?

The competition level adult tennis camp is the perfect program for training to become a champion. It is aimed at tennis enthusiasts who are interested in discovering competitive tennis or who aspire to play matches at a more advanced level. Whatever your current level is, coaches at the Mouratoglou Academy are ready to welcome you to our exceptional courts located in the heart of the French Riviera. Each coach adapts to each player’s needs and devises a tailor-made program just for you. Your strong points will be used to strengthen your game and increase your self-confidence by tenfold. The mind is an essential element for competitive tennis. A tennis camp allows coaches to focus on developing a personalized methodology, they understand your personality, are attentive to your needs and constantly push you to improve. This type of coaching certainly enables your game improve in terms of strength, technique, and ranking. Intensive training will make you more comfortable when facing your future opponents. You will be supported and coached on all aspects of your training program whether it be physical, mental, or nutritional preparedness. Between training sessions and matches, this competition level camp will give you a taste of the life of a professional tennis player.


When is it the right time to take part in a competition level adult tennis camp?

For aspiring tennis players that would like to maximize their potential, the Mouratoglou Academy offers training camps throughout the year. Adults interested in discovering competitive tennis can conveniently enroll on the campus at the dates that suit them. Thanks to the high quality premises and top notch equipment, each player can fully develop his or her potential in a comfortable sporting atmosphere. Enjoy the pleasant weather that the south of France has to offer and take a break dedicated to tennis for a weekend, a week or even holiday. You will leave feeling refreshed, ready to apply your coaching lessons on the court, and start taking on your opponents!

A competition level tennis camp is the perfect opportunity to learn how to stay focused on your game, learn how to progress quickly and go into future matches with peace of mind.


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