Tennis camp adult competition holiday

Your next holidays are just around the corner and you can’t think of a better way to spend your free time and enjoying your passion: tennis. How about signing up for a tennis camp for adults at a competitive level?


Why take part in a competitive-level adult tennis camp?

Combining immersion and intensive practice, a tennis camp is the best way for a player to progress at a fast pace. Whether you need to work on your forehand, backhand or footwork, you can devote all your energy to the practicing this racket sport…

Want to put yourself in the shoes of a professional player? Opt for a competitive-level adult tennis camp. For several weeks, you will alternate between fitness sessions, intensive training, and high-level tennis tournaments. There’s nothing better than getting out on the court to play matches and to challenge yourself to improve your tennis skills.

Coached by experienced and passionate instructors, you will benefit from a fully personalized experience. From the basics of sports nutrition to mental coaching, everything is designed to boost your performance and turn you into a true champion.


When is it the right time to take part in a competitive-level adult tennis camp?

You may be asking yourself when the best time is to start a competitive-level tennis camp. This type of sports program usually takes place over a 15-day period, which is the minimum time required to be able to participate in any tournament.

What’s it all about? Dedicate each day to improving your playing technique and your physical condition, so that you can face other tennis players during competitions. Expect to have enough time to invest yourself 100%.


Why choose being in a tennis camp over the holidays?

Imagine: a sports holiday where you can challenge yourself while doing what you love most, playing tennis. In addition, the training center chosen for your competitive training camp also looks like a holiday resort.

The Mouratoglou Academy, located on the French Riviera between Nice and Cannes, is the ideal setting for a training camp. With its modern, comfortable facilities and cosmopolitan atmosphere, life on campus between tournaments and training sessions is a real pleasure!


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