Tennis camp adult competition weekends

Are you interested in trying you hand at high-level matches? Do you dream of winning tournaments? Then enhance your training by joining an adult tennis camp on weekends at the Mouratoglou Academy. From warm ups to nutritional advice, you’ll be able to train in the same conditions as professional tennis players!


Focus on the right reasons to take part in a competition-level adult tennis camp

Even if you are already an experienced player, there is always room for improvement. You may need to fine-tune your backhand, or maybe even sharpen up your forehand. Whatever your situation, an adult tennis camp at competition level will provide you with all the support you need to overcome your weaknesses and make the most of your strengths! On the contrary, it’s not all about perfecting your tennis techniques. Our personalized coaching will also help you develop your endurance and build up your morale to help you keep your composure in check during tournaments.


What’s the right time to start this kind of camp?

Competition-level adult tennis camps are particularly rigorous and demand intense training. You can take part in them if you already have a good level of play and want to reach your full potential! Benefit from them to prepare for a tournament, for example. Fitness exercises, training centered around your footwork: your personalized sports programme will help you improve. Keep in mind also that there is no right or wrong season to attend this type of camp. In fact, the mild climate here in Nice limits the risk of bad weather and if necessary, 10 indoor courts are available to keep working on your game in dry conditions!


Is improving your tennis game on the weekend a good idea?

To play tennis at an advanced level, it is necessary to train regularly. However, between work and family obligations, it is not always easy to find time to play during the week. Going to one or more adult tennis camps on weekends is a good way to keep fit and improve your technique. Do you live far away from the French Riviera? To make your stay easier, we offer you a 4-star accommodation package (Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort) 15 km from Nice airport, with swimming pools and a Spa to relax after your training.


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