Adult Tennis Camp

The Mouratoglou Academy’s 34 training courts, located close to the city of Nice, are ready for you to start your adult tennis training. Whether you practice on weekends or during the week, you can improve your backhand and your footwork thanks to our professional coaching sessions while also following a fitness training session. Our personalized programmes can be adapted to suit any level of play whatever your needs!


Why choose to do an adult tennis camp?

If you’re looking for a sporting activity that will help you lose weight, improve your coordination, strengthen your cardiovascular system and boost your endurance, tennis is where it’s at! Consider tennis camps for adult beginners to discover the sport in the best possible conditions. Are you already a player? Our coaches’ personalized support will help you make improvement: a tennis camp for adults at a competitive level will help you improve your flexibility and speed, optimize your forehand technique, or even improve your smash. With years of experience behind you, do you dream of reaching the top at official tournaments? If so, the intensive program that makes up the competition level adult tennis camp is just for you. From physical preparation to nutritional support, the camp is geared towards forging a strong mindset and help you express your full potential!

When is the right time to start an adult tennis camp?

At the Mouratoglou Academy, you can play tennis all year round, even during winter thanks to the mild climate that the French Riviera has to offer and our 10 covered courts. Located in Sophia-Antipolis, about 9 miles from the Nice airport, you are welcome to come during the week and on weekends. Weekends are particularly interesting if you’d like to concentrate on your athletic training, far from your daily concerns. Likewise, you can also benefit from our tennis coaching during your holidays. This is a great way to accelerate your progress and take full advantage of all our facilities, such as our fitness room for example. If you need to, you can stay directly at the Mouratoglou Hotel & Resort, a 4-star establishment with a 700 m2 Spa! Refined cuisine and relaxation are on the daily menu: what could be better for a sporty well-being getaway?


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