Adult tennis camp competition-level: one week can make a difference

France and tennis have a long love story together. The Mouratoglou Academy has trained renowned tennis players such as Tsitsipas and Coco Glauff. Great news: If you are looking to compete competitively, our training center offers tennis camps for adult players who are interested in perfecting their game.


Why take part in a competition-level tennis camp for adults?

Adult competitive tennis camps are an opportunity to advance with world-class coaches in some of the best facilities in the world. You can benefit from coaching advice, sports instructors, and nutritionists who have driven champions to the top.

A week-long tennis camp is a great way to fine-tune your tennis playing skills. They are designed to strengthen your technique and increase your performance on the court. It is also an opportunity to be exposed to other players with different styles and levels of play to stimulate your improvement. You’re sure to build up a strong mental preparedness that will serve you for future competitions.

With a competition-oriented training program, high-performance coaches and a top-of-the-range sporting complex, you are guaranteed to get the best out of your game.

When is the best time to start a competition-level tennis camp for adults?

The type of sports program

Always be sure to plan your tennis camp based on your goals and tournament schedule.
Do you have a specific tournament where you need to score big? Plan your camp so that you have time to integrate what you have learned, and to implement the routine you have been taught during your camp.

The time of the year

Would you prefer training outdoors during the winter? Choose a training center in a warm region, such as the Mouratoglou Academy, near the city of Nice. The weather is nice all year round.


What are some of the benefits of a week-long competition-level tennis camp for adults?

The week-long competitive tennis camps are designed to give you time to perfect your technique and strengthen your physical conditioning while benefiting from the support of a team of passionate and competent coaches. The benefit of a week-long training course is to experience total immersion, with an adequate amount of time on the courts.

A one-week tennis camp allows you to train according to your existing tennis skills and your physical condition. The team that puts together your training plan will be paying particular attention to injury prevention, your learning process, and developing a personalized core routine that you can continue to work on when you return home. This training camp will be beneficial in both the short and long term.


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