Tennis camp for adult beginner

When you start playing tennis, there’s no better way to progress than a tennis camp! No matter your age or level, the Mouratoglou Academy will offer you a personalized service that reflects your potential. Located between Nice and Cannes, the exceptional infrastructure will allow you to reveal your tennis talent!

Why do a tennis camp for adult beginner ? 

To progress in tennis, the key words are regularity, willpower, mental, physical condition and perseverance. Adults who are new to tennis do not always have the time to devote themselves entirely to leisure activities and to progress as they would like to. A tennis camp is a break to concentrate on your game and benefit from the advice of passionate and highly qualified coaches. The beginner player will develop his skill, precision, flexibility, speed and concentration. A tennis camp allows you to lay the right foundations, it is the assurance of mastering the gestures, to acquire the main striking techniques and to master the different shots: forehand, backhand, serve, volley, … you will gain in skill and playing techniques. Each training session is an opportunity to take advantage of precious advice to win future matches to be played. Taking a tennis camp also means receiving nutritional and fitness advice. Coaching and personal development help everyone to think like a champion. The objectives are personalized according to each person’s level and the coaching is thought out with methodology. You will progress quickly in a relatively short period of time!


When to do a tennis camp for adult beginner ?

During the week or at weekends, adult beginners can take a tennis clinic whenever they wish throughout the year. The location of the Mouratoglou Academy is ideal: the French Riviera benefits from a particularly mild climate, which is ideal for playing tennis. Located not far from Nice airport, the facilities can easily accommodate adult beginners wishing to follow a tennis course. The staff is present 24 hours a day, the campus benefits from great comfort and the best facilities. You are free to choose the dates that suit you to progress in tennis, offer yourself a sports break for a weekend or a week!

The beginner’s level tennis camp allows the adult player to avoid a large number of mistakes, to learn quickly, to benefit from adapted coaching of professional quality and to master the basic techniques for playing tennis well.


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