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Does your child wish to progress in tennis to reach a professional level? Thanks to our tennis coaching for competitive junior on weekends, it is entirely possible. This individualized training maximizes your child’s potential to bring him or her to their best level. Why opt for coaching of competitive juniors on weekends? How to choose your tennis coach? All the answers to your questions in this article.


Why start competitive juniors tennis coaching on weekends?

Your child is not or hardly available during the week to practise his or her favourite sport? He or she wants to train more to reach their best level? Then a competitive junior tennis coaching during the weekend is the ideal solution. Freed from homework and school tasks, your child can concentrate fully on his or her sporting activity in order to achieve their goals. Lessons are given in the morning or afternoon, which is much less tiring and constraining than after the day. Tennis coaching for competitive juniors on weekends can also be combined with lessons during the week or training sessions to achieve more targeted work. Tennis coaching for competitive juniors on weekends does not interfere with the child’s programme and other planned family activities. They can therefore progress without having to compromise on other leisure activities. These weekly tennis lessons help to prepare for future competitions.


Choosing your tennis coach

To become a professional tennis player, your child needs quality coaching. Coaching is specific to each individual. The coach will analyse your child’s game, use his or her strengths and work on their weaknesses to help them reach their best level. Coaches, physical and mental trainers must be chosen with care. They must have essential qualities such as listening, availability and a real motivation to maximize the potential of each individual. Exchanges must be based on a constant dialogue between the player and the coach. At the Mouratoglou Academy, the player is considered in his uniqueness. Handpicked coaches fully share the Academy’s philosophy. They stand out both for their skills and their ability to adapt. The professional coach adapts to the needs of their student. Tennis coaching for competitive juniors on weekends is therefore not based on a particular method. It is the method that adapts to the player and their particularities to bring them to reveal their potential.

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