Tennis coaching junior competition evening

Teenagers considering a career in tennis can combine schooling with intensive training. In the sunny setting of the French Riviera, the Mouratoglou Academy offers tennis coaching packages for competitive juniors in the evenings. This is a very effective way to guarantee a significant progression for a young player without neglecting his or her academic results.

Why start tennis coaching for competitive juniors in the evening?

For teenagers with a competitive level, it is essential to continue training several times a week in order to progress. Without disrupting the academic rhythm, evening coaching sessions are ideal to perfect oneself and move to a higher level in terms of requirements, physical condition and training. This formula is particularly suitable for young people who are planning a career in the world of tennis.

Tennis coaching for competitive juniors in the evening is a formula adapted for young athletes. It is a relevant way to combine tennis ambitions and school curriculum. For all juniors who dream of becoming professionals, benefiting from evening training sessions on a regular basis is a huge advantage. It is the best way to progress and go further than simple weekend training sessions.


Choosing your tennis coach

If tennis coaching for competitive juniors in the evening undoubtedly bears fruit, it is just as important to choose your coach carefully. In this matter, nothing can replace the expertise of coaches working in an academy renowned for its seriousness. The Mouratoglou Academy is a true reference in the world, with coaches who are pedagogical and of excellent level, and who are used to helping juniors progress. The academy offers outstanding structures, with more than 30 courts available, perfect for the progression of juniors.

Individualized programmes with a complete follow-up of each young player is possible within the Training Centre of the academy. The coaches present on the site put into practice Patrick Mouratoglou’s teachings to help the juniors progress as the sessions progress. Team Mouratoglou brings together some of the best young talents on the planet, including Stefanos Tsitsipas, Alexei Popyrin and Coco Gauff.

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