Tennis coaching Junior competition on Wednesdays

In order to progress, young players with an excellent level have to practice as much as possible. The junior competition tennis coaching on Wednesdays is an interesting alternative to a tennis-study program. Located in the area of PACA, the Mouratoglou Academy counts with the facilities necessary to train young athletes with a competition level this way.

Why enroll in a junior tennis coaching competition on Wednesdays?

Teens who would like to join the ATP tour one day, or work in the world of sports in the future, need to train as often as possible. When it is not possible to join a tennis school, the best solution is to enroll in intensive private training lessons in parallel with school on Wednesdays.

The junior competition tennis training on Wednesdays allows young players to get the demanding training of professional tennis once a week. Each young player participating in these sessions will have the opportunity to push their limits and give the best of himself. This is a necessary personal investment to improve your game while keeping up with a normal academic calendar. It is a perfect option for juniors who already have an advanced level, it will bring them one step closer to a future career in the field of sports.

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How to choose the right tennis coach ?

To take full advantage of the junior competition tennis training on Wednesdays, the choice of coach and facilities is crucial. Young players who enroll in the training sessions on Wednesday at the Mouratoglou Academy, will have the certainty of being on the path of progress. Located in Biot, right in the heart of the Sophia Antipolis technology park, the academy is one of the best equipped in Europe with 34 clay and hard courts.

Our carefully selected professional coaches are ready to offer young players a personalized follow up entirely focused on their performance. Synonymous with excellence, the Mouratoglou Academy has become a world reference that has already seduced some of the greatest talents in the world of tennis such as Stefanos Tsitsipas and Cori Gauff. With the expertise of Patrick Mouratoglou, the academy aims to maximize the potential of each one of its players.

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