Tennis Coaching Junior Competition Holidays

Starting tennis coaching for juniors during the holidays ?

The holidays are finally here. The school year is in pause and you can devote yourself to tennis as much as you like. This is the ideal time to start a tennis coaching for competitive junior holiday to improve your level of play and strengthen your mind. The Mouratoglou Academy has developed programmes specially designed for young people with dedicated coaches to follow them during their training period.


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Why choose the holidays to pursue a tennis coaching at competition level?

The competitive junior tennis coaching during the holidays formula is a one specially adapted to teenagers over 16 years old with a certain level of play needed to follow this intensive training. Players are individually supervised by coaches selected to lead to performance. The objective is to optimize the existing potential and to study with each trainee his or her game to highlight their strong points and transform each weakness into an advantage. The competitive junior tennis coaching camp is a break where a participant can fully indulge their passion by benefiting from the advice of pros and meet other tennis enthusiasts like them. It is also an opportunity to meet new players on the courts, to make friends and to exchange ideas.



What is the program of a competitive junior tennis coaching camp holiday?

The competitive junior tennis coaching camp holiday consists of daily group sessions and a private lesson. All in all, each participant spends a minimum of 4 hours on a tennis court and starts his or her day with 1.5 hours of physical preparation. Wednesdays are for debriefing with parents, coaches and players to plan tournaments. Finally, Saturday is dedicated to training matches. An intensive, rich program, calling on all the abilities of the player who has access to the care provided by our health professionals (physiotherapist, osteopath, doctor).

How are tennis coaches chosen ?

Because each player is unique, the Mouratoglou Academy surrounds itself with a team of 26 coaches who totally adhere to the centre’s philosophy. The trainees can count on the human and sporting qualities of their coaches to reveal their talent, accompany and motivate them on a daily basis.

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