Tennis Coaching Junior Competition Week

Develop your unique talent through our competition level tennis coaching

The Mouratoglou Academy offers a competition level tennis coaching programme for juniors during the week. The opportunity to develop your potential by benefiting from a professional and personalized approach. Our training programme, carefully studied, allows our juniors to perfect their skills and raise their level quickly. Junior tennis coaching competition level during the week, also aims to prepare candidates for competition. The training is carried out at the level of physical condition, technical mastery but also mental preparation of the player.

Our coaching methodology is based on the personality and characteristics of the athlete. We do not advocate a single technique that would work for everyone. Each talent is unique and requires an individualized approach to develop optimally. With our tennis coaching of competitive junior during the week, the Mouratoglou Academy therefore favours a global vision of the player, through an attention to every detail of his or her game and their mind. The time shared between the coach and the pupil is intended, in part for training and technique, but also for the exchange and mutual construction of a high-performance learning method.


Choosing a coach: factors for success

Our approach to weekday competition junior tennis coaching focuses on the individuality of each player. Hence the importance of carefully selecting your coach. Our team of coaches has been carefully recruited for their technical expertise in the field of tennis. But our coaches are also chosen for their pedagogical skills and their ability to identify the potential and needs of their students.

We have identified the essential elements to consider when choosing a coach. Training and experience are enlightening information about their background and affinities, as is the opinion of their previous students. Pedagogy and communication skills are relevant criteria, as they will influence and condition the coach-player relationship. Methodology is an important subject to address, to determine if it is possible to build together an effective coaching process. Finally, since it is not only about sport and competition, but also about human relations, feeling has its role to play. The desire to work together and the pleasure of shared moments will be great guarantees for the success of your tennis coaching for juniors at competition level during the week.

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