Tennis coaching junior competition on Saturday

Your child’s performance during the tennis season will depend on his or her preparation. To ensure your child benefits from the best coaches, register them at the Mouratoglou Academy. The Mouratoglou Academy organizes tennis coaching sessions for competition junior on Saturdays. In a pleasant environment, they will improve their level and surpass themself in every match.


Why start a tennis coaching for junior competitive level on Saturday?

Saturday is a day when children and young people are generally free and can devote themselves entirely to their training. Moreover, they no longer think about their classes and are therefore more receptive to their coaches’ instructions.

Every Saturday, experienced and recognized instructors supervise them and show them the keys to a good preparation for the tournaments. They will help them improve their physical condition, perfect their techniques and improve their behaviour on the court.

During Saturday’s competitive junior tennis coaching sessions, your children will also rub shoulders with other players with whom they will compete in mini-matches. They will put themselves in a competitive situation and at the end of each match, they will attend the debriefing of their game to help them evolve further.


Choosing your training coach

A tennis coach plays several roles: he or she is at the same time a teacher, a psychological aid and even a supporter of their protégé. They must therefore be dynamic, know how to transmit their passion and have personality.

For a good tennis coaching for competitive junior on Saturdays, the coach is also expected to be certified while having pedagogy in order to give proper lessons. They will thus reinforce the potential of the players. Moreover, through their advice, they will help them to correct weaknesses or show techniques to adopt so that players do not hinder their performance. Thanks to their coaching, they will have every chance to qualify during tournaments.

At the Mouratoglou Academy, your child will benefit from the same quality of competitive junior coaching on Saturdays that is given to Serena Williams and other top tennis players. Each session follows established procedures and covers several topics such as physical training, game tactics, and mental reinforcement.

In addition, a coach trains regularly and attends conferences in order to update his or her knowledge and to acquire new strategies for sports coaching. Finally, other qualities are also expected from them, such as availability so that your child can follow their tennis coaching sessions on Saturdays throughout the year.


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