Tennis camp adult competition-level intensive

Why enroll in a competition-level adult tennis camp?

Competing in sports helps you to define your goals and attain your own personal objectives. You can simultaneously develop your performance and learn to be confident in yourself and your abilities. An intensive competition-level adult tennis camp is a school for life, which can take you far if you choose to go past the limits of your physical and mental capabilities. Moreover, even in an individual discipline like tennis, competition develops your group spirit. If you take part in the daily activities of a prestigious sports club such as the Mouratoglou Academy, you are bound to be involved group training sessions at one point in time. You will be able to share your hardships with fellow players, as well as genuine moments of friendship and sharing. Practicing tennis in an intensive competition-level adult tennis camp means that you are making the choice to be part of a group without any social or age limits. Joining the Mouratoglou Academy assures that you will be benefiting from a learning method based on communication and a result-oriented culture. This method has long proved its effectiveness, thanks to individualized coaching tailored to each player.


When is it the right time to enroll in a competition-level adult tennis camp?

Intensive camps can take place at different times of the year. Some institutions offer an intensive competition-level adult tennis camp throughout the year, during evenings or on weekends. Others choose to organize intensive camps over a two-week period, preferably during the summer. This type of format is usually appreciated by many competition-level professionals and can be organized in the form of both room-and-board or day camps. This is ideal for practicing tennis at a competitive level, and helps you become totally immersed and makes it possible to achieve visible physical and mental progress. This method is the basis of the Mouratoglou Academy & Resort’s philosophy, which has had a great influence on the world tennis for over 20 years.


Why choose to take part in an intensive training camp?

There are numerous benefits to be gained from an intensive competition-level adult tennis camp. For starters, you can stay concentrated and practice full-time on your game. This approach to your intensive adult competitive tennis camp training will enable you to make rapid progress. Your coach, who will be entirely devoted to your progress, will shape your training sessions around your personality, as well as your strong and weak points. During this fifteen day period, you will experience the daily life of a top athlete combined with rest periods that are essential in an intensive sports program.


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