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Benefits of a juniors’ tennis camp

Playing a sport during adolescence can be a formative experience. In addition to the physical benefits of sports, it is also fantastic from a social and psychological point of view. These are benefits that junior players (ages 13 to 17) know well. Tennis combines all the qualities that encourage the physical and mental development of a teenager, and this is particularly true in the setting of a junior tennis camp, which opens the possibility of real commitment without distractions during a set period.

It is always recommended to play sports during the years between childhood and adulthood. The more regular the practice, the greater the benefits will be in the long term. Tennis is a great option and requires a lot of resources both physically and intellectually, which is why it is often a favorite with adolescents. There is a dedicated youth section. within the federation: the junior circuit, for young people aged thirteen to seventeen.

A juniors’ tennis camp is very formative from a social point of view. This type of course is a great chance to meet people and share experiences. Teenagers meet other young people from different backgrounds, sometimes already playing on the junior circuit, all with a common love of trying their best this learning this technique focussed sport. The principle of the “duel” which is at centre of tennis is very unifying: teenagers develop both the values of pushing their limits, and respecting their opponent.

Young people who are already playing on the junior circuit will be pleased with this format as a way to improve their knowledge and technique. A camp is the ideal setting to do this, during a given period, young tennis lovers have plenty of time to have fun in their playing their favorite sport, without distraction, and benefiting from the best of guidance possible. This is also true during “personalized” camps, which are based around an adapted coaching method, such as those provided by the Mouratoglou Academy, which specializes in personalized sports support.



When to do a juniors’ tennis camp?

A juniors’ tennis camp can in theory take place at any time of the year. The duration of this course can be adapted to the child’s interest. In general, a weekend is the preferred format for a taster session, while a full week is better for juniors already keen on the sport. School commitments have to be taken into account, so a weekend has the advantage of being accessible at any time of the year, while full weeks are easier to attend during school holidays for attendees enrolled in traditional schooling.

The winter period shouldn’t be discounted for a juniors’ tennis camp. Because Tennis is very invigorating, it is perfect for energizing the body during the colder season. This time of year usually puts a strain on the body, especially in adolescents, so a fall or winter camp is a good opportunity to push yourself to stay in shape until the sunny days return. Sport also promotes the production of endorphins and is an excellent weapon against the winter blues.

Spring and summer are fantastic for playing tennis, if only for the pleasure of playing outdoors in pleasant temperatures. Spring and summer are a must for any junior who wants to “knock about a few balls” under the bright sun.

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