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The Mouratoglou Academy specializes in training juniors to play competitive tennis at a very high level. Our training site is totally dedicated to Tennis. Based in the town of Biot, it provides personalized training for young players throughout the year. The setting and the environment of the academy are particularly suited to Tennis. Our 34 courts, open or covered, welcome students throughout the year. We organize juniors’ competition Tennis camps supervised by our world-renowned coaches, the students benefit from personalized support, and work on the foundations of tennis essential to their succeeding in playing competitive tennis.

Why attend a juniors’ competition tennis camp?

The Junior category is the last age category before entering the big leagues. The world’s best juniors even participate in major tournaments on the professional circuit. Our academy has specialized in the physical, technique and mental preparation of juniors to help them achieve the highest level in their age category and continue to progress to the next category. To do this, we run camps for juniors that are completely dedicated to playing competitive tennis. Excellence is one of our values. We instill it in our training and competition preparation, we also instill it in our students’ competitive game. Taking a juniors’ competition tennis camp at the Mouratoglou Academy is the best way for a young person to improve their competitive tennis. The quality of our facilities, our coaches, and our method have also proven themselves.


When to attend a juniors’ competition tennis camp?

We organize dedicated competition camps throughout the year. Your juniors can attend juniors’ competition tennis camps on weekends, during school holidays, and even during the school year. The main benefit of a course dedicated to competitions is to effectively prepare for an upcoming Junior tournament. It can be a good idea to attend a camp before a specific competition. These camps can also be beneficial in the longer term for improving sporting performance, they can be attended at any time of the season by teenagers. Do not hesitate to contact our academy. We will be able to advise you.

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