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Children’s intensive tennis training camps are organized very regularly by our academy. Our sporting facilities are made available to our young students throughout these courses and your children can take advantage of them throughout the season, by the Mediterranean Sea, in Biot near Nice. Intensive camps are designed to improve the sporting performance of children while playing competitive and high-level tennis. Our experts and coaches support children throughout these intensive camps. We implement Patrick Mouratoglou’s unique method for the best results for our young students.

Why attend a children’s intensive tennis training camp?

An intensive camp means that your child is entirely occupied by and totally dedicated to competitive tennis, over a relatively short period. The advantage of a children’s intensive tennis training camp is that it makes it possible to work on weaknesses, and reinforce strengths that will have been detected by working on the foundation techniques of tennis. Intensity can also result in faster fitness results, which can be useful just before an important youth tournament.


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When’s the best time to attend a children’s intensive tennis training camp?

We run these camps throughout the year. The advantage of taking a short weekend camp is that it does not disturb your child’s education. Camps can also be carried out during school holidays. Short courses also have the advantage of not disrupting family vacations. Longer courses will not interfere with your child’s education either. As these children’s intensive tennis training camp can have a very quick effect on performance, we advise them for upcoming important competitions. Your child will really benefit from these camps.

Why attend an intensive camp?

The best reason to take such an intensive camp is the benefits it will have for your child’s game. At our Academy, improving performance is a requirement. Our proven method is internationally recognized. Intensive camps are a key component and useful to everyone, including the younger players, and also help with fitness training.

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