Tennis camp children training weekend 

Attending a tennis training camp children’s weekend 

Short of time during the week, including during school holidays? To allow your child to meet their full potential and give them the chance to face the best and to improve their game, the best solution is a children’s weekend tennis training camp.

 Why attending a tennis training camp children’s weekend ?

Whatever the age and level of the child or teen, they can learn proven techniques in a few sessions. Training is more effective if each of their weaknesses is detected and corrected as soon as it appears. Whether your child wants to participate in a tournament or maximize their potential, the knowledge of our experienced coaches will help them to succeed.

Some centers are open all year round, summer and winter, and reserving a date online for a children’s weekend tennis training camp is easy.


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When to plan a children’s weekend tennis training camp?

Is your child thinking of taking a Tennis Studies camp? Do they want to pit themselves against the best in French and international competitions? Seeded or not, they will need advice and solid foundations to be sure of their choice!

The children’s tennis training camp over a weekend or more will help consider if it’s the right choice for them. Over one or two days, the courses, the training but also the general atmosphere will confirm their choices. This course can also be an opportunity to discover ‘tennis temples’ such as the Mouratoglou facilities and its 34 tennis courts available to students.

A children’s weekend tennis training camp: a great idea

If your child is passionate about tennis and wants to improve. If they dream of one thing: getting to the courts and starting a match with his friends. Why not treat them by reserving a children’s weekend tennis training camp next week? The organizers and coaches, who have graduated from the Mouratoglou Academy will be able to create a tailor-made course, suited to your child’s goals.

Choosing to do a children’s tennis training camp on weekends means being welcomed into a high-quality sports environment. Over a half-day, a day or two days depending on age, training is intense and highly rewarding. Family are also welcome: the hotel complex guarantees comfort and well-being.            


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