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Send your child on a holiday tennis training camp! The Mouratoglou Academy runs tennis camps dedicated to the youngsters during school breaks and during the summer holidays. Our Tennis academy is equipped with first-rate facilities (34 courts of all surfaces) and benefits from the fantastic climate of the Nice region, close to the Mediterranean and Nice airport. Take full advantage of these fantastic conditions with our children’s tennis training camps during the school holidays.

Why send your child to a holiday tennis training camp ?

Our academy implements innovative method Patrick Mouratoglou’s innovative method. Children are supported 100% throughout the duration of the courses. The tennis techniques essential to great performance are fully covered. The training is run and supervised by our internationally renowned coaches. Training sessions are fully personalized, including during group sessions. Children’s holiday tennis training camp help technique progression in young players, and also to aid physical and mental progress. During these camps, the students are completely focussed on the sport and their training and are completely immersed in a dedicated environment. These camps are a great complement to courses taken elsewhere the rest of the year.

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When to do a children’s holiday tennis training camp ?

The Mouratoglou Academy runs children’s holiday tennis training camps throughout the year. Each holiday period can be used: summer holidays, but also the February, Easter, or Fall break. The favorable climate at our academy as well as our covered facilities allows us to run these camps throughout the year. You can choose the dates that suit you according to your children and/or your family’s schedule, or according to the dates of tournaments so that your children can prepare in the best conditions.

Why choose a children’s holiday tennis training camp ?

Our children’s holiday tennis training camps allow more work over longer periods than camps organized on weekends. The holidays are a long period where young people can play tennis without time or school commitments that exist for the rest of the year. These long periods of availability are particularly well suited to tennis camps to improve sporting performance.

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