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The Mouratoglou Academy specializes in training and organizing tennis courses for young people. Children and adolescents can attend courses throughout the year at the academy. They will benefit from remarkable facilities, adapted for performance improvement at any time of the sports season. The coaching team is developing a unique method, based on personalized monitoring of trainees, with results recognized around the world. The academy is the ideal place to attend a children’s tennis training course.

Why take a children’s tennis training course ?

Coco Gauff and Stéfanos Tsitsipás are the two emblematic players of our academy are inspirational proof of the courses, for the young players who attend our academy. Coco Gauff, still a junior herself and Stéfanos Tsitsipás, today playing on the professional circuit at a very high level, were successfully trained and prepared using to Patrick Mouratoglou’s unique method. The training courses provided, give young players, individual coaching, and effective practice covering all elements of tennis. Children’s tennis training courses have an advantage over sessions held on weekdays throughout the rest of the year. Children are immersed in a tennis environment, with a view of success in very high-level competition. The children are not distracted by other activities as in school time. The training sessions are built cohesively and follow an innovative progression scheme


When to attend a children’s tennis training course ?

Our academy is open for courses all year round! In order not to disrupt schooling, it is recommended that your child attends tennis courses on weekends or during school holidays. Our fully personalized courses aim to improve sporting performance. The Junior circuit is the doorway of the professional circuit. Our courses also prepare children for their future playing at the highest levels. They can be beneficial at any time of the season for long-term improvement and can also make it be used to prepare for an important Junior tournament. Contact us to discover the best course times for your child according to their needs.

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