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Children beginner tennis camp: start like a champion!

Do you want to start playing tennis as a real competitor? A beginner’s children’s tennis course can be a fantastic introduction to this sport. During a short or long stay, the tennis student discovers the foundations of the sport through personalised training sessions. The management team, which is made up of experienced coaches and physical trainers, takes into account the strengths and weaknesses of each student in order to create a tailor-made program for them. This personalised course allows young athletes to acquire the basics of tennis in the best conditions, during a stay exclusively dedicated to the sport. They’ll also benefit from our quality infrastructure, essential for learning the sport. On a clay or on hard court, the student will improve their technique and their physical fitness against opponents of the same level. They will also take part in group sport sessions, which allow them to both integrate the group and increase their skills individually. Whether in day school or over as a camp, a beginner’s tennis course will allow young tennis players to approach the discipline like a true champion, from their first steps on the court.

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Children beginner tennis camp: when to sign-up?

The right time to register for a beginner’s tennis course for children depends entirely on the needs of the student. They may benefit from an intensive course, during the summer holidays. Summer training will then allow them to approach the official season more calmly, by mastering the fundamentals of tennis from their first lessons. A beginner children’s tennis course can also be aimed at young athletes who wish to start playing in official competitions. It will help them move up a level, consolidating their skills, and learning more advanced techniques, if this is the case, signing up for beginner’s children’s tennis courses could be beneficial at any time in the year. A tennis course can be aimed at children curious to discover the sport by playing it. Courses can then be held over a weekend or during school holidays. Do you want to learn more about the game of tennis with the help of renowned athletes? Now maybe a good time to sign up for a beginner’s children’s tennis course!

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