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Our Tennis Academy specializes in training young tennis players in a very high-level competitive environment. Throughout the season we organise children’s tennis competition courses. During these courses, children benefit from the entirety of our facilities (34 tennis courts, clay or hard surface, gyms, etc.) as well as fully personalised training, provided by our world-renowned coaches. The location of our academy, very close to Nice, allows them to attend at any time of the year, in the best environment for playing tennis.

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Why attend a children’s tennis competition course ?

Excellence is one of our values and we take it to heart when supporting our students, whatever their age. We also embody it in the quality of the facilities available to the students during our courses. It is a value that we are committed to transferring to them through competitive sport. The youth categories are becoming a highly competitive environment. For your child, taking a Tennis course adapted to their age, to improve their sporting performance, will allow them to evolve with less stress and with more success in the competitive environment which they will face. Our coaches implement our own specific method of coaching which has shown its effectiveness on a global level. They support the children individually during the training courses in order to lead them to sporting excellence.

When is the best time to attend a children’s tennis camp competition ?

The perfect regional climate of our academy allows for children’s tennis competition courses at any time during the sports season. They can be organized on weekends, for full immersion in tennis for the children and so not to disturb family life. School holidays are also a great time for children’s tennis competition courses. Also, because our courses are adapted to playing Tennis in competitions, they can be organized as technique and fitness preparation for an important upcoming Youth tournament, for the progression of their sports career.

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