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Young people aged from 12 to 16, can learn to play high-level tennis by enrolling in a Tennis Studies program for junior’s within a renowned academy. The Mouratoglou Academy, in France, offers a dedicated course combining education, training, and competition to give a young player the best chances to succeed in tennis.

Why enroll for tennis & school for juniors ?

Tennis Studies is fantastic for juniors wishing to one day join the professional circuit. This comprehensive program is designed for young people who pass the selection tests during a week-long camp at the Mouratoglou Academy. For all hopefuls, the tennis level, physical fitness, academic results, and behavior will be taken into account. At the end of the tests, only the candidates most suited to follow this course will be selected. 

Signing up for Tennis Studies for juniors is a great opportunity to evolve surrounded by the best in the field. Our coaches who support the juniors have vast experience and knowledge which comes from working with Patrick Mouratoglou, one of the most respected coaches in the world. This is also the ideal way to learn about the reality of the professional tennis circuit and launch a career in the sport.

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What are the benefits of Tennis & School for juniors ?

By joining the Mouratoglou Academy and attending this program, every child has the guarantee of being able to play tennis at a high level without neglecting their education. Bringing together young players of several nationalities, this international training system is based around personalized coaching. Each student will benefit from the attention and expertise of numerous experts in order to progress in all areas.

The Mouratoglou Academy is only the place in Europe to offer such high-quality infrastructure. With more than 30 courts and a huge sports and hotel complex in Sophia Antipolis near Nice, the unique academy dedicated to performance. Tennis Studies for juniors is the best way to ensure a future in the Tennis world. Education at the academy has the same importance as sporting results, to ensure a balanced development of all students.

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