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Tennis & School: an entry in a program of excellence

Practicing high-level tennis and perfecting your game require special attention and diligent monitoring, especially for a teenager. Indeed, combining studies and sport requires a rigorous organization, adapted to the players’ schedules. To do so, the Mouratoglou Academy has a campus where education is not only possible, but is perceived as a requirement such that a success of 100% is observed in the baccalaureate. Two school sections, one French and the other international – American – allow tennis to be combined with studies of excellence, all in a stimulating multicultural environment. Therefore, based on an individual assessment, the Mouratoglou Academy selects the best candidates to be part of the program. Provided access to the Tennis & School program for teenager is carried out in four stages: contact the program manager; spend one week of internship for an assessment on four points (tennis, fitness, schooling, behavior); announcement of results; and finally, post-admission registration. Thus, the main objective of Tennis & School for a teenager is to inculcate the know-how and the know how to be of great sportsmen such as Serena Williams, Stéfanos Tsitsipás or Coco Gauff, who regularly attend the training center of the Academy.


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Tennis & School program for a teenager: what are the advantages?

Our academics following the Tennis & School program for teenager will benefit from the world-renowned expertise of the largest tennis academy in Europe. Our team of highly qualified trainers will ensure that each athlete flourishes and fully reach and exploits their potential. Whether in tennis, in classroom, or on a personal level, the goal of the Tennis College is to help each learner to thrive in a friendly and cosmopolitan atmosphere. To do so, each student is monitored and evaluated according to their individuality. Plus, discipline is at the core of this program and allows to raise the tennis game of our athletes to the highest level. For a total immersion in the world of competition, 15 to 20 tournaments are organized each season, while guaranteeing the maintenance of the school rhythm. As a result, the Tennis College program for a teenager offers all the skills necessary for the pursuit of tennis as a professional or the integration of a sports university sector in the United States, this according to the aspirations of each.

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