Tennis & School for children: a solution to succeed

Why register your child for tennis & school programme ?

Each parent wants the best for their child. If yours has a talent, you are certainly looking to support and encourage her/him. Here are the leads why you should seize the opportunity that the Tennis School offers for your child.

  • His / her coach tells you about a great potential

The club coaches have seen many aspiring tennis players on their courts. They are able to detect future talents. As a parent, we are not always objective about the qualities of our child. The coach’s opinion therefore counts for a lot.

  • Your child performs well in competition

The results in competition and in tournaments are consisting a fundamental criterion. It is very promising if he/she is regularly in the regional final or ranked on international level.

  • Your child likes competition

The mind is important. A child who succeeds but who lives badly the competition must benefit from special support. A more psychology-oriented coaching can help him surpass himself and gain more self-confidence. If despite this he shows reluctance, it is better to let him live his tennis more lightly.

  • Your child has good academic results

Children in tennis & school program need to be more effective in class than their peers. Due to training hours, school time decreases. It is therefore necessary to have the determination to reconcile school workload and training. However, tennis college is also not reserved for an elite. The teachers are there to help the children organize themselves and optimize their learning. Do not hesitate to contact the Academy to discuss about it.



What are the advantages of tennis & school for a child ?

  • An environment of excellence specially conceived for your child and which allows him to express his full potential.
  • A coordinated schedule to optimize your chances of success, both at school and in tennis.
  • Personalized coaching led by selected tennis coaches and physical trainers formed into the specifics of the young athlete.
  • Teachers who know the sporting issues of their students: they understand them, support them, and adapt to them.
  • Students with common ambitions and values, families who have decided to put tennis first.
  • A tailor-made calendar, a rhythm that combines academic success and tennis performances.

Tennis academies are aware of the impact that a registration in tennis college has on the life of the whole family. The student-parents bond remains a priority. Do not hesitate to contact us and come and visit the Mouratoglou Academy center, of course accompanied by your child. You will also find out that as an international academy, speaking English is as natural as handling the racket for children who are following tennis & school studies.


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