Tennis & School children confirmed level

Why register for Tennis & School ?

Tennis & School is a training course which allows youth to reconcile the intensive practice of tennis with their scholarship so as not to compromise the success of their studies. It is intended for all those who have an ambitious tennis project and who wish to benefit from a tailor-made training while not leaving aside their school courses.

This formula is particularly suitable for young people who are motivated, already practice tennis on a regular basis and thus have a good level. Plus, when on top of it they participate in tournaments, it becomes urgent to organize their school time, which can become complicated as your child grows and progresses. Tennis & school for a child with confirmed level is therefore a particularly suitable solution.

Tennis & School allows you to follow the same school programs on national education level. They therefore prepare for the Patent in the same way as any college. Students are selected based on application or after having participated in a week-long tennis camp, this type of learning being reserved for children who do not encounter major difficulties at school.

The proposed Tennis & School branch for a child with confirmed level at the Mouratoglou Academy aims to guarantee them a real-life project mixing sport and education. All the conditions are united to allow your child’s success.



What are the advantages of the Tennis & School program for a child with confirmed level ?

Thanks to a Tennis & School for children with confirmed level, your child will combine tennis training, physical preparation, match sessions, medical monitoring and enjoy a schooling program. The goal of this type of training course is to bring out top players and allow parents to let their children succeed in tennis without setting aside their educational path.

The Mouratoglou Academy was created more than 20 years ago and offers a high-quality Tennis & School course for children with confirmed level. In addition to providing optimal sports training and school education to your child, it teaches them autonomy, the taste of effort and the sense of sacrifice. Once their studies completed, students can become professionals on the ATP circuit or obtain a scholarship to pursue prestigious studies in the USA in sport-college.

You are interested? Fill in your registration form now for the Tennis & School training for child with confirmed level.


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