Tennis & School children competition level

Discover the tennis & school branch for children with competition level

The Mouratoglou Academy offers a program that effectively combines sports performance and academic success.

Why choose the tennis & school branch of the Mouratoglou Academy ?

The tennis & school for children with competition level has the ambition to allow young practitioners to achieve high sporting goals. Thanks to a arranged schedule throughout the year which combine training, tournaments and schooling, our objective is to support students up to the practice of tennis on the professional circuit or their entry into a university course in the United States to graduate there.

This high-performance sector also ensures that values of effort and sacrifice are transmitted to children, essential for their future life on the courts or in the workplace. Through tennis studies for a competition level child, the Mouratoglou Academy also ensures the personal development of each student and helps them grow as mindful human beings.

Joining this branch means taking part in a project that has proven itself for over 20 years. The total success of academics in the baccalaureate degree over the past three years attests to a particularly high level of requirement that allows everyone to fully exploit their potential.



Tennis & school for child with competition level to reconcile sports and schooling

To achieve their ambitions, young athletes are placed in ideal conditions. Two daily training sessions punctuate the week of aspiring champions, between working on technical fundamentals, physical preparation and learning the tactical aspect. Naturally, medical monitoring and nutrition are also a priority of the sports and educational project to give each child the opportunity to develop optimally.

The tennis & school branch for child with competition level takes place in one and single location, designed to offer all comfort necessary for sporting progress and academic success. A competent staff is present every day, 24 hours a day, to supervise each child. With more than 35 nationalities on the campus, students will discover new cultures and take advantage of a favorable environment and become open-minded to diverse cultures.

On the academic side, depending on their life plans, students can choose between a French or international course. They will follow an adapted program in reduced class size.


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