Tennis & school children beginner level

Combine sport and schooling with tennis & school program for child with beginner level

The Mouratoglou Academy offers you a tennis & school course for children with beginner level. It is an excellent solution to effectively reconcile school with the practice of tennis. A real-life project, the main ambition of this course is to allow children to realize their sporting and professional dreams.

Why register for tennis & school ?

The tennis & school branch for a child with beginner level of the Mouratoglou Academy is an excellent way to combine school education with intensive sport practice. Whether in terms of studies or tennis performance, excellence is the main word of this ambitious double project.

We offer children high-level education in a setting that fosters sporting progress and personal development.

Sport is a wonderful school of life to us. In this sense, we attach a very particular importance to the success of each and to the fact of allowing each child to carry out his/her life project, whether it is to become a professional player or to continue his/her studies.

To achieve so, we naturally focus on the quality of proposed education and on the transmission of values to the aspiring tennis players. Whatever their level, they will develop sportingly and personally combined with humility and learn to persevere to achieve their goals.



What are the advantages of tennis & school for a child with beginner level ?

As part of the tennis college for a child with beginner lever, training sessions are organized twice a day. Novice players therefore progress very quickly by acquiring in a few weeks the fundamentals of this sport.

Of course, the programs are arranged and individualized throughout the year to allow each student to progress at their own pace. On the academic side, we have optimized the organization of school lessons so that each student can also achieve academic excellence.

Between training with experienced coaches and school lessons with competent teachers, your child will learn to become independent and responsible. Success regarding to this fast pace is also an opportunity to gain real self-confidence.

Our academy finally insists in opening up to others, discover new cultures and to fully flourish in a multicultural environment conducive to well-being.

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