Tennis coaching for competitive teenagers during the week

Why start tennis coaching for competitive teenagers during the week?

Competitive sport is a true school of life: it teaches patience and perseverance, and allows every teenager, from the age of 16, to push his or her limits a little further. To enable them to discover a top-level sporting discipline in the best conditions, the best way is to join a prestigious club with an internationally recognized learning method. The Mouratoglou Academy thus offers a weekly coaching session for teenage tennis competition, all in a privileged setting. The personalized training sessions thus allow each young person to have access to a targeted teaching, corresponding to their personality and motivation. Book now a weekly coaching session and discover a new way to practise a high-level sport, in the heart of the French Riviera.


How to choose your tennis coach?

If you are looking for a special coach for your teenager, the best way is to join a top-level sport complex with long-proven learning methods. The Mouratoglou Academy provides its members with state-of-the-art sports facilities, with an offer focused on intensive and individualized training. This training centre is intended primarily to train young people to excellence, while discovering a particular sporting discipline. Each youth coach is selected by the club according to strict criteria. The objective of a week-long tennis coaching teen competition is to accompany each young person on the road to success, constantly seeking to maximize his or her potential. The Mouratoglou Academy currently employs dozens of professionals, including coaches and fitness trainers, to serve its members. Through an intensive programme, the young people get to know each other better, but also get to know other teenagers from all walks of life. The courses take place on 34 tennis courts in a sports and hotel complex covering a total area of 12 hectares. Don’t hesitate to reserve your place now to start an intensive period of tennis coaching teen competition week. Each young person has, from the moment he or she enters the programme, an optional full treatment service, allowing them to regain their original level and exceed their limits.

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