Why start tennis coaching for competitive teenagers in the evening?

Does your teenager want to make rapid progress in tennis, consolidate his or her foundations and optimize their technique in order to approach competitions more serenely? Our tennis coaching for competitive teenagers in the evening is made for them. Participating in them will allow him/her to benefit from personalized training according to his or her strong and weak points. A coach will take care of him or her, providing them with physical and mental preparation, as well as specific exercises and matches to perfect their forehand and backhand drives, improve their movement on the court, etc. The coach’s role will also be to take a fresh look at their game and identify areas where they can improve.

Tennis coaching for competitive teenagers in the evening is offered throughout the year at the Mouratoglou Academy. You will benefit from top-of-the-range facilities located in Sophia Antipolis, just a few kilometres from Nice.

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How to choose your tennis coach?

The coach who will be in charge of your tennis coaching for competitive teenagers in the evening must be chosen carefully. It is indeed essentially on him or her that their results will depend. You should find out how many years of experience they have, check the track record of their students (have any of them reached the final of prestigious tournaments?), talk to them to see how well they can communicate… Also ask them the method they wish to use, knowing that a personalized accompaniment taking into account your way of being as well as your objectives is the preferred option.

Created by Patrick Mouratoglou, one of the most influential coaches on the tennis planet, the Mouratoglou Academy offers you complete and tailor-made coaching. You will deal with one of its 26 coaches selected for their ability to transmit their passion for tennis. In addition to this team, there are eight physical coaches and two mental coaches. You will therefore be constantly monitored by great professionals throughout your tennis coaching for competitive teenagers in the evening and will be able to take advantage of the 34 resin and clay tennis courts hosted by the academy as well as a fitness centre and a multi-sports court.

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