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At the Mouratoglou Academy, we have a selective policy in order to really focus on every student-athlete’s project. The objective is to give them the opportunity to choose from several universities. We’ve been doing this for twenty years now, which helped us build a network of more than 1,000 universities across the country. We’re attached to finding the right fit for the student-athletes but also for the American coaches. All of this has been contributing to our highly positive reputation with the American universities.


We have more than 20 years of experience in placing student-athletes in American universities.


By choosing to trust the Mouratoglou Academy, you get:

• Up to 100% scholarships into American universities
• Recognized degrees (Bachelor or Master) worldwide
• Full English proficiency by the end of your studies
• Intensive tennis programs


You just finished high school:

If you just passed your Baccalauréat or you are about to pass it, you might consider pursue higher education abroad. In this case, you will need to pass two exams: the SAT and the TOEFL.

You already began your higher education studies:

If you already began your higher education studies in France, it is possible to pursue them in the United States. You can obtain a certificate of equivalence for your French qualifications in the United States.


The 8 services we offer:

Comprehensive assistance and high scholarships:

The Mouratoglou Academy commits to preparing your full application and supervising the process until it results positively.

Video production and editing:

Coaches often require a video to be able to assess the level of the student-athletes. We take care of the production of this video and upload it to YouTube.

Scholarship negotiation and renegotiation:

We commit to negotiating for you the highest possible scholarship.

Transferring from France to the US:

The Mouratoglou Academy helps you obtain a certificate of equivalence for your French qualifications in the United States. This service helps you validate a certain number of university credits into your American university.

Orientation advice:

During your freshman year in the United States, you will have as many general courses (50%) as courses from the area you’re majoring in (50%). This will give you time to adapt to the American system and think through your professional project.

Registration into your American university:

In accordance to the criteria agreed upon with the Mouratoglou Academy, we guarantee you a choice of universities corresponding to your expectations.


Your accommodation will be booked before your arrival to the campus of your university (it can be off campus if required).

Visa, assurance, travel:

Documents to be supplied, administrative procedures, useful addresses and international assurance registration: Our job is to facilitate your administrative formalities.

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