Tennis Camp Children

Does your child love tennis and challenging themselves? Whether they’re a beginner or already at an advanced level, give them the opportunity to improve and compete with other players by registering them for a children’s tennis course.

Consistent performance thanks to a tennis course for children

A course is a great opportunity for your child to meet players of their own age who share their passion for tennis. They will be more motivated to put themselves forward, and above all, they will develop a competitive spirit that will give them the ability to push themselves. The children will also follow an intensive training course, thanks to which they will improve their endurance and technique.

Depending on the chosen course, certain options include tournament participation. This will give your child a chance to discover how rewarding it is to give the best of themselves and reach your goal.

A course at the Mouratoglou Academy will also allow them:

– to be supported by passionate instructors who will help them improve with advice and lessons. They will also be entitled to personalized coaching which will be adapted according to their progress.

– to discover competition conditions both in terms of mental and physical preparation.

– the potential to have the opportunity to meet great champions and attend their training sessions in a prestigious setting.

– to participate in other sports such as football, swimming, or golf, especially if they choose a multi-activity course. Your son or daughter can then spend their time doing and finding an interest in other activities.

– to learn values ​​of sportsmanship such as loyalty, honesty, integrity, and respect for others.

– perfect their English: a course is an opportunity to improve their level of English and to discover the vocabulary of tennis. Your child will be able to easily communicate with friends of foreign nationalities, and later, with referees and any player in the tennis world.

A tennis course for children is not just training and competitions. Other activities and entertainment are on the program to allow them to have fun and make friends.

piste infrastructure kids

When is the best time to do a children tennis camp ?

Depending on your child’s age and interests, offer them a course:

– Half-day: this option is ideal for young children wishing to learn this sport. They will learn the rules and each technique little by little, at their own pace.

– Over the course of a weekend, your child will improve their tactics during intensive training sessions and may even play matches.

– During the holidays: during a two or three-week stay, coaches will help your child develop their potential and work on their weaknesses. They will live in total immersion in the same training conditions as professional players and will participate in competitions. They will also have the opportunity to participate in other sports activities while learning the spirit of fair play. As they will be in contact with several children of their own age, this children’s tennis course will allow them to develop socially and make new friendships. They will also get the chance to do a bit of tourism in the host region, and discover its culture and its landmarks.

One of the most prestigious academies in the world, Mouratoglou Academy organizes children’s tennis camps all year round. You will surely be able to find suitable dates during which your child will benefit from the courses run by experts.


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