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A Mouratoglou Academy teens tennis camp is a great way for your teenagers to develop their tennis skills and confidence. The camp combines a residential programme with tennis activity and expert personal coaching. All accommodation is of a superior standard. Facilities include air-conditioning, wifi, a swimming pool and nutritionally balanced meals. With 3 hours of tennis and another 3 hours of physical activity daily, there is no time for teenage participants to be bored.

Teens at tennis camp will receive personalised coaching. This is a golden opportunity to develop their playing skills at both a technical and tactical level. Participants will also get to spend time with teens of a similar age and interests. Not only is the tennis programme an enjoyable challenge, but downtime is also fun.

The Mouratoglou Academy is located in the beautiful South of France near Nice. The Mediterranean climate is superb for outdoor sporting programmes.

Your teenage tennis player can expect a personalised approach to their coaching programme at the Mouratoglou Academy. The coaching methodology used by the coaches is a successful one. Developed over 20 years by the Academy’s founder Patrick Mouratoglou, it is characterised by the belief that every young player is unique. Teens tennis camp unlocks a player’s potential by drawing on the coach’s motivation and dedication to each individual. These methods have brought outstanding results for world-class players like Serena Williams.

The Mouratoglou Academy have amazing professional training facilities used by some of the greatest tennis players around. Novak Djokovic and Stefanos Tsitsipas to name but a few star players who sometimes practice here between tournaments. It’s quite possible that teens at tennis camp will get a glimpse of these stars during their stay. Rubbing shoulders with such inspirational role models is a priceless experience for young players.

When to do a Teen Tennis Camp

A teens tennis camp can be an incredibly enriching experience at various stages in a player’s development.

A camp can be critical early in a player’s tennis journey. Personalised coaching gets young players into good habits from the very beginning. The initial assessment process at Mouratoglou tennis camps means that players will always be matched with players at a similar ability level. This means that the group can learn and move forward together which builds confidence. The personalised aspect of the coaching programme will additionally address any individual technical or motivational issues.

Tennis camp can also move a talented and competitive player onto the next stage of their career. Expert coaching will overcome any feelings of having plateaued and accelerate a move to the next level.

Alternatively, a player may have lost their way and started to lack confidence or motivation. The input and dedication from Mouratoglou professional coaching team supports and inspires young players.

Participation in a teens tennis camp builds your teenagers tennis skills and confidence. With increased technical, tactical and mental skills plus a successful tennis camp experience, your teenagers’ sense of achievement and self-belief will flourish as they step up to the next level.  

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Why you should do a Teen Tennis Camp

There are so many good reasons to do a teen tennis camp it’s hard to narrow them down to only a few. These are some of the key advantages that a teen tennis camp offers.

Personalised training sessions designed to build on the player’s strengths

Improved tennis techniques, physical agility and power

Competitive match play that develops a winning mentality

Improved resilience both physically and mentally

The opportunity to be treated as a professional tennis player

Personal development opportunities

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