Tennis & school programme for junior beginner level

Why choose a tennis & school programme for junior beginner level ?

Most young people who play tennis start when they are children. This means they have plenty of time to develop their skills. However, tennis can perfectly be started in adolescence, although it is more difficult to manage both academic studies and sports training. This is why the Mouratoglou Academy has designed a tennis studies course for junior beginners. This program is a real sports studies course, which allows young people to take part in intensive and demanding training while following an adapted school curriculum. The possibilities for young people with this type of sports studies course is preparation for a professional career, but also the possibility to enroll after highschool in university and sports training in the United States. The tennis studies course for junior beginners is balanced, and reconciles sporting requirements with academic excellence, thanks to an organized timetable which devotes at least two sessions in the day to tennis training.


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What are the benefits of a tennis & school programme for junior beginner level ?

Many young people are passionate about tennis. But they spend a lot of time at school and their studies leave them little free time. Often, a large amount of time traveling to school is added to their weekly timetable. It is difficult for them to be helped by a competent sports coach and to devote sufficient time to their practice so that their training can really be effective. When you start playing in adolescence, a tennis study course for junior beginners is an excellent solution, thanks to the educational aids put in place. The programs are designed for a balanced approach between the training sessions under the guidance of a professional coach and the academic hours. As in all sports study fields, the national curriculum is fully respected. The advantages of this type of course also depend on the place of training: at the Mouratoglou Academy, everything has been put in place to facilitate tennis studies for a junior beginner and we ensure that students have a real school campus, with modern high-quality infrastructure.


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