Tennis & School for juniors experienced

Your child has chosen to play a sport at a high level while continuing their studies. Are you wondering what is the best option to guarantee a secure future for them? The Mouratoglou Academy is the ideal training center to achieve their dream and allow them to surpass their limits. Find out why you should enroll in tennis studies for experienced juniors and the benefits of this program.

Why enroll in tennis & school ?

The tennis studies is an all-round training course that allows tennis players to benefit from a tailor-made school and tennis program. The tennis studies course for experienced juniors allows them to continue their education while playing sport at a high-level. This alternative helps the student to develop their physical and intellectual abilities and offers them several outlets. Choosing tennis studies for an experienced junior level also guarantees juniors the opportunity to make the most of quality support while giving them the ability to grow in an international and socially connected environment. Coaching is provided by qualified teachers who know how to adapt to the needs of each student. Our are staff responsible for providing the juniors with the academic and sports resources they need to succeed and progress. The student’s motivation and state of mind are tested to make them aware of who they are and what they are capable of.


What are the benefits of tennis & school for confirmed level juniors ?

It is important to know that tennis alone has considerable physical benefits. Playing high-level sport while following a school curriculum is even more beneficial, and has multiple advantages:

  • Enables dual-career paths for the student as this course offers several professional opportunities.
  • Tennis studies courses for experienced juniors children to develop a competitive spirit through regular physical training and mental preparation.
  • Promotes character building.
  • Increases the physical fitness of the player as well as their performance.
  • Promotes team spirit and strengthens bonds between students.
  • Offers opportunities for those students who wish to participate in competitions on a national or international level.
  • Tennis studies for experienced juniors is a school of life where you acquire good traits and values ​​(diligence, perseverance, humility, etc.) essential to increase self-esteem.

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