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We want students to feel at home when they enter the boarding house. We do our utmost to ensure that they find a welcoming space with an attentive team and a warm, friendly and familial ambiance.

Quality installations

Everything has been designed to offer the equipment and facilities required for the comfort and needs of our students 

We offer a high-speed Internet connection, air-conditioned rooms, meals suitable for sports nutrition, and staff who are available around the clock for optimum safety. Each and every detail has been studied to provide Academy members and their parents with true peace of mind. They can thus reach their full potential in a living environment conducive to their athletic and academic success.

Multicultural environnement

The ultimate multicultural environment, the Mouratoglou Campus welcomes students with more than 40 different nationalities.

From the Training Camp programme to the Tennis & School Programme, players benefit from a structure facilitating daily socio-cultural interactions. At the Academy, we train exemplary champions on and off the court. We strive for excellence in all areas.

The boarding house – key figures:

  • 76 bedrooms with a private bathroom, air-conditioning and WiFi
  • 1 to 3 students per bedroom
  • 16 classrooms
  • Study hall and media library
  • Games room
  • TV and cinema lounge
  • Security cameras


  • 15-person team
  • 1 nurse
  • 1 housekeeper

Meals and nutrition

Prepared onsite with local products, meals are planned by a nutritionist in accordance with the principles of sports nutrition.

Healthy, balanced and nutritional, they are designed to help our athletes meet the rigorous challenges of their athletic and academic routine. Since nutrition is an integral component of training and performance, our boarders must be given the tools they need to eat healthily on a daily basis.

Whether it is in terms of food quality or quantity, we make sure our Academy members have everything they need.
In the event of food intolerances, gluten-free and alternative dietary options are offered. Individual nutrition programmes are also available on request.

Activities for boarders

Our school year is fast-paced, between tennis, fitness and studies. Students have free time in the evenings and on weekends when they can unwind and take full advantage of their curriculum. They can also use this time to take part in the activities organised by the boarding house team, whether on- or off-campus.

On-campus activities

Art and sport workshops are held on a regular basis, in our theatre room or our games room, which features a television, billiards table and ping-pong tables.

With permission, our students can also access all of our sports facilities: the swimming pool, padel courts and multi-sport area (football, basketball, handball, volleyball), etc.

Off-campus activities

Whatever the season, the French Riviera is an exceptional playground for our Academy members. We take them on majestic hikes in the Alps and on mountain-bike rides for fans of strong sensations. Moreover, cultural tours and shopping excursions are regularly organised in the centre of Cannes and Nice.

In the summer, the region provides our young athletes with even more opportunities to partake in outdoor activities, always in the company of a supervising team. Among other things, we offer mountain-biking, water activities at the beach and lake excursions.

The Mouratoglou Residence

Because sport & school is not just an individual project, we offer a housing solution for families wanting to live in our complex. Our new luxury residence has several comfortable flats they can rent, from studios to 3-room flats, with fully-equipped kitchen, a garage and a heated swimming pool. All the conditions are right to spend unforgettable moments together as a family.

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Mouratoglou Philosophy


Your Tennis Project

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Admission to our tennis program requires mandatory selection tests.

It depends on a number of factors including motivation, general attitude, tennis level and academic level.

To get to know you better, we invite you to spend a week at the Academy as a visiting student. You will be in total immersion with our other academicians.

Join our tennis & school program