Competitive Camps

Do you dream of becoming a tennis champion? Look no further, the Mouratoglou Academy competitive camp is for you. Have an incredible experience and progress at light speed with this programme that combines physical training, tennis mental preparation and competitive matches.

Finally, a camp that’ll allow you have an incredible experience and get closer to the life of a champion of the little yellow ball

Practical informations

  • 2 tennis sessions per day (3 to 4 hours in total, depending on the season)
  • 3 hours of fitness training per day
  • Lunch included
  • 1 UTR tournament in the fortnight

The competitive camp has a minimum duration of 13 days, but this can vary depending on the season. Contact our team to find out more.

Competitive Camp characteristics

Training worthy of champions

In order for the immersion to be as close as possible to reality, the Mouratoglou Academy offers you the chance to have an incredible experience to allow you to progress quickly. This is achieved through a programme that combines physical training, tennis, mental preparation and competitive matches.

Indeed, as the saying goes, there is no major progress without competition. As competition is the very essence of a high-level athlete – allowing him or her to reach their goals and progress as quickly as possible, you too can participate in a UTR tournament!

The Competitive Camp at the Mouratoglou Academy:

    • Allows players to test their skills in a competitive environment
    • Is a minimum of two weeks in duration
    • Also includes registration in a sanctioned tournament so you can see how you stack up against other players
    • Consists of tennis training and mental preparation worthy of the pros, combined with official matches played in the region.