Tennis Coaching Junior Competition

Young people playing tennis at a high level are inevitably confronted with the world of competition. To put all chances of success on their side, to accompany them in this beautiful and difficult adventure, often strewn with pitfalls, nothing beats the choice of a competitive tennis coaching for juniors. Coaching offered by the Mouratoglou Academy, THE reference in the world of tennis, takes care of future tennis champions…

Why start Tennis coaching junior competition ?

Working on the mind

To be successful in view of future big official tennis tournaments requires to feel good and for that working on the mind is essential. Tennis coaching for competitive juniors as provided by the Mouratoglou Team helps your child to improve his or her self-confidence and to manage their stress. From the age of 7, a child is capable of setting goals and benefiting from them, provided he or she is well accompanied.

Learning to accept and deal with failure

It is important at an age when one is in the midst of construction to learn to overcome difficulties and failures in order to avoid discouragement that can lead to abandonment. A competitive player must do everything to win but must know how to accept defeat. Your child needs his or her qualities and skills to be valued so that they can build on a solid foundation later on.

Managing the potential of a young professional with personalized training

Opting for competitive junior tennis coaching at the Mouratouglou Academy means taking advantage of different training programs to perfect the physical and tennis level of young professionals between 13 and 17 years old who wish to participate in competitions.

Immersing yourself for a few days in the world of tennis

Tennis coaching junior competition as proposed by the Mouratoglou plans, among other things, to take the champions-in-the-making to discover the different tournaments of the French Riviera. The young players enjoy a great human experience immersed in a world entirely dedicated to tennis.

coup droit joueuse
Groupe jeunes tennis

How to choose your tennis coach ?

Choosing the right Junior Tennis Coaching will prove to be decisive for the continued practice of this sport at a high level because the personality and know-how of the coach will determine the future motivation of the teenager. In order for him or her to evolve and progress as well as possible, experience and pedagogy remain two essential criteria to be privileged in a coach.

The quality of their training

The aim of the training is to teach the coach essential and indispensable notions of pedagogy and psychology. A good coach must make his or her student evolve and bring them to their highest level of performance. The tennis coaches proposed by Mouratoglou have followed a training course ensuring a quality of teaching according to the criteria of the FFT and have various diplomas recognized by the State such as the State Diploma of Sports Educator and/or the Higher State Diploma of Youth, Popular Education and Sport (Diplôme d’État supérieur de la jeunesse, de l’éducation populaire et du sport, or DEJEPS).

The experience of the coach

Choosing tennis coaching for competitive juniors requires to privilege a coach with a solid experience which will attest to his or her level of skill. A certain seniority means that the coach has already coached a large number of professional players, with diverse profiles, which guarantees their ability to adapt. The results obtained by previously coached juniors are also a good indicator of the coach’s value.

Coaching, more than a profession, a passion…

A tennis coach who has made his or her job a vocation will always give the best of themself. Entrusting your child to a professional who is involved and available, will allow them to surpass themself and reach their goals. Being a tennis coach, more than a job, is a vocation. At the Mouratoglou Academy, a passionate coach will follow your youngster and motivate him or her throughout the difficult path of high-level competitions.

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