Tennis Coaching Junior Beginner

Why start tennis coaching for junior beginners ?

There are several reasons for starting tennis coaching for junior beginners. When a person discovers tennis, he/she will assimilate gestures and techniques that will have to be perfected throughout his/her evolution. When starting alone, it is quite possible that the young person will register specific mechanisms that will be hard to forget. But that’s not all, because when you practice individually or with friends, you’re also depending on the motivation of your partners to be able to train, you also have to find a time niche that suits all of you. When considering tennis coaching for junior beginners, you start by defining the most suitable moments for practice. It can be evenings or weekends for example, and you will have access to all the necessary infrastructure to play. From approved terrain to state-of-the-art equipment, everything is done to get the junior up to speed quickly. In addition, certified and skilled coaches are there in the interests of the athlete. Adapted schedules, an ideal setting, competent partners and coaches are the ingredients for successful tennis coaching for junior beginners.


How to choose a tennis coach ?

In the context of tennis coaching for junior beginners, it is essential to establish a positive relationship between the coach and the trainee. Young people are not all receptive to the same elements. Thus, some coaches with authority will be more relevant for some people, while educators with more empathy will be more appreciated by others. Also, our coaches, just like our coaching programs for junior beginners in tennis, adapt to everyone’s desires: if the youngster wishes to discover tennis over a long period and intensively, he can do it over a week or during his holidays, outside school hours. If he wishes to discover tennis techniques on a regular basis, coaching for junior beginners is also possible on Saturdays or Wednesdays. In any case, you should know that the tennis teachers are qualified sports instructors and that the supervision in the sport sector is a highly regulated field. This means that whoever takes care of the tennis coaching of the junior beginner will be qualified and competent to push the trainee to become a better version of himself. You have therefore understood, it is not the resume of the coach which must be a determining factor nor his ranking as a sportsman or former professional tennis player, but rather his human qualities and the relationship he’s able to create with the people he coaches. Working with a poorly understood coach, is always a risk, although rare, because educators know, in most cases, how to be flexible. In some cases, it is quite conceivable to change the coach for a better tennis coaching experience for junior beginners.


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