Teens Tennis Camp Competition Intensive

Competition level teens tennis camps provide the best opportunity for teens looking to put their game to the test by advancing through high-level competition training. The competition in this level allows teens to immerse themselves in the champion lifestyle and push their resilience, skills, and abilities to the limit with high-level matches.


Why go to Competition Level Teens Tennis Camp?

Intensive Training Program

At Mouratoglou Tennis Academy, we introduce teens into an ultra- intensive training program with different levels of difficulty as the training advances. Moreover, teens have the opportunity to play in at least two competitive tournaments at the end of the camp. All training programs are scheduled to give players enough physical activity sessions to improve their tennis game significantly.

Personalised Approach

In a teens tennis camp competition intensive level, each player is different, and our coaches understand this very well. We try and customise our training sessions to suit each individual needs. Our coaches analyse the abilities of each player separately and guide him/her towards game perfection.

Professional Coaches

Nothing boosts the game mentality of any player during training sessions than knowing that your coach is a professional trainer. Mouratoglou teens tennis camp competition intensive training sessions provides a one-on-one coaching experience from highly efficient coaches to guide players in every aspect of the game.

Quicker Learning of Techniques

Learning and mastering the use of specific techniques is very important, and our camp provides you with an opportunity to do just that. Our experienced coaches will teach you how to program your mind for quick response shots and other shot techniques.

When to do a Competition Level Teens Tennis Camp?

Mouratoglou is always open for training camps from Monday to Saturday for both boarding and day players. Our teens tennis camp competition intensive programs are different from normal tennis camps held during the summer since tennis summer camps lack the intensity, seriousness, and championship exposure offered at our weekly competition level camps.

Why you should choose to do an Intensive Camp?

Stretching Your Abilities

Engaging in ultra-intensive competition level camps enables players to stretch their abilities both mentally and physically. Mouratoglou’s teens tennis camp competition intensive program focuses on improving players’ tactical and technical skills, speed and conditioning, and mental toughness.

Building Your Skills

Our teens tennis camp competition intensive programs are designed to help players build a strong athletic base, understand what they are able to do easily and what they need to work on (skills dynamics), and develop strategies and tactics that work for them. We help players to focus on self-improvement and develop a champion mindset as they advance in high-level match plays.

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